Justin Lebo

6 June 2016

“Justin Lebo” is a true story of a boy named Justin Lebo that made new bikes out of old ones and gave them away to kids in need. Justin buys two old bikes at two garage sales and fixes them in the beginning of the story. After riding them, he doesn’t think that they’re as fast as his racers so he leaves the bikes in his garage gathering dust.

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His dad tells Justin that if he buys the bikes and fixes them then he should ride them instead of leaving them in the garage so Justin decides to give the two bikes away to a home for boys. When he brings the bikes to the home for boys he feels so happy when the boys ride the bikes around the parking but he thinks that two bikes might cause the boys to fight because there are not enough bikes.

So Justin decides to build one bike for every boy by Christmas and that meant that he had about six months to build the bikes. Justin needed to build 19 bikes so that meant that he needed 60-80 bikes to take apart and rebuild. He didn’t have enough money but he was still determined so he asked his parents to match every dollar he used to buy bikes and they said yes. Justin and his mom spent the whole summer looking for cheap bikes at garage sales.

By the end of the summer Justin managed to build only ten bikes. He was still determined even though school would start soon and homework would start piling in. A neighbor wrote to a news reporter about what Justin was doing so the news reporter went to his garage and wrote about how Justin needs money and bikes. Justin had to go to interviews and he didn’t like them but he knew that he needed the publicity. Soon he had enough bikes and money to build 19 bikes and he even delivered them to the boys a week before Christmas. Since that day Justin has made 150-200 bikes and he has given them all away to kids in need.

The article “Justin Lebo” is an amazing and inspiring story that shows that one kid could make a big difference. Even though some people thought that Justin couldn’t make the 19 bikes by Christmas he was still determined to do it. Since he was so determined he was able to make enough bikes by Christmas. It is mind blowing to think that one kid made 150-200 bikes and gave them all away to kids in need. I recommend this book because it talks about how one kid makes a big difference to the lives of other children, not just his own life.

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