Joint Commission Regulatory Functions

6 June 2016

It is important for medical treatment facilities to have standards and regulatory processes to govern the health care environment.  The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health care Organizations (JCAHO) has been the driving factor for hospitals in reducing medical errors,and safety overall. JCAHO, along with others, have developed publicly accessible “report card” systems that measures the effectiveness of hospitals in that they collect, analyze, benchmark, and publish quality outcome data.

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Joint Commission Regulatory Functions
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Traditionally, hospitals were surveyed once every three years.  As of January 1, 2000, JCAHO began conducting random unannounced surveys during a period of 9 to 30 months after the last triennial survey.  Hospital organizations are required to demonstrate a 12 month track record, which means lots of preparation leading up to the survey.  Regardless of the goals and standards that are set by JCAHO, the ultimate goals should always be providing quality patient care.

This research paper aims at finding out the regulatory functions of one selected organization (Joint Commission).  Different organizations have different administration systems.  This is an agency in the United States that deals with the accreditation of health care services.  It is a private sector but has statutory protection in the United States of America.  Information on the functions of the Joint Commission will be obtained from the secondary sources of information as well as interviews from staff.

Information required for this research are the functions as has been mentioned, the statutes that the agency operates under, and how the agency works with other agencies, the public, law makers and the institutions it regulates.  Problems in the agency functions will also be determined.

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