How to write a good student council election speech

6 June 2016

In order to really write student election speeches that are effective you need to inspire people on a personal level and move them. This can be done by addressing specific issues that are problematic or that people want change in and getting to the heart of what you will do to change those things. You need to do this while also making sure that people feel like they have the capability to change these things through their own dedication and community efforts and that you will all do this together. When you can make yourself seem like an agent of change with the power resting in the hands of the people you will move and inspire them.

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2 Keep your attacks to a minimum in your student election speeches because people have grown tired of this side of politics in the last few decades even at the student council or class president level. You need your focus to be about the future and what will be different without taking someone else down or you will soon lose people’s attention while they lump you into the normal politician category, and you want to separate yourself from your competitors not blend in.

3 Don’t make your student election speeches too long because high school and college students don’t want to listen to a 30 minute dragging speech. You’ll lose their interest and most people will stop paying attention to what you have to say. A good length is 5-10 minutes and somewhere in the middle is usually perfect.

4 Reiterate near the end of your student election speeches why people should vote for you and try not to give more than three solid reasons. Even people who have daydreamed during your whole speech will most likely pay attention at the end and people tend to remember things in sets of three better than any other number so that is your opportunity to really drive home your strong points.

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