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5 May 2016

With phenoxymethyl penicillin for fi ve days. A throat swab taken before starting antibiotics grows beta-hemolytic streptococci (Group A). After three days of treatment, Jason’s temperature has returned to normal and he has made an uneventful recovery. Questions

. Th e pediatrician described Jason’s pharynx, uvula, and tonsils as swollen and red. What are the four cardinal signs of infl ammation, and how does each relate to changes in the blood vessels at a site of infl ammation?

. Th e exudate on Jason’s tonsils consisted primarily of neutrophils, and the cbc that was performed indicated that the number of neutrophils in his circulation was increased. What role do neutrophils play in the resolution of a bacterial infection?

In the course of your answer explain terms such as adhesion molecules, diapedesis, chemotaxsis, opsonization, and phagocytosis. . Jason’s physician noted that Jason’s cervical lymph nodes were enlarged, a condition referred to as lymphadenopathy.

Describe the structure and function(s) of lymph nodes, and list the other organs and tissues that comprise the lymphatic system.

. Describe the anatomic location and function of tonsils. . What is the mechanism by which fever is induced and what are its benefi ts in terms of combating an infection?
. What is the mechanism by which the number of circulating white blood cells is increased?

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