Being modified under the most minute

6 June 2016

The perception that we choose to view our world with always appears to be the most appropriate of all the choices we have at hand.

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Being modified under the most minute
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However the instruments we use to define and determine our perception of our world have been leading man on in his quest for knowledge and science has been one of the key elements of this movement. But when looking at the history of the development, one comes to a degree of understanding regarding the evolution of scientific knowledge where one realizes that man has never actually been able to be sure of the legitimacy of his knowledge regarding the world around him (Time Inc., 1965).

Being modified under the most minute of observations and being based upon an infinite process of observations and experimentations has rendered science incapable of bringing man to peace with the world within which he lives. The outward appearance and the elements of the world that constitute it do not blend with each other.

But interestingly, subjects of the non-scientific genre such as poetry and philosophy have begun to take the lead in this process of evolution of the perception man hold regarding the world around him (Heelan, 1989). Modern Artists and philosophers have contributed extensively to the cause. So much so that their work has reached well beyond the realm of the mind of the layman and requires delving into in order to be fully understood. The relationship between mind and body has now become even clearer than it was in the past as the scales of reliance of one upon the other have shifted.

Modern philosophy has brought the mind of man to be the central element of his existence rather than the body. The body brings man to the elements around him, but it is his mind that allows man to reach a state where he can perceive their existence. The entities that appear to be based on their attributes and properties are in fact, not merely based on their attributes but it is these very attributes that give them existence, and for the same reason, it can be concluded that these attributes indeed, are the very entity itself.

Similarly, the perception of the space around man and all the elements present in space is also a subject matter that has undergone much debate and continues to be analyzed. In, the constituents of the universe each object has its own individual characteristics and attributes that make it an entity.

However, the issues of whether the entity is based upon its unique attributes or the attributes together have a relationship amongst each other and come together to form the entity has been a much contested question. Over time philosophers have come to a point where it has been determined that the relationship between man and the entities in his universe amongst which he lives is not a matter so straightforward to comprehend.

It is indeed nothing less than a breath taking sense of revelation that elates a person when one looks at the extent to which the perception of man about his world has evolved. From considering the entities around him to be mere instruments that are part of the universe and serve only a secondary role to that of man, philosophers have come to a point where the entities that surround man are regarded to hold just as much significance as man himself holds.

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