Academic Growth

6 June 2016

I once heard that we are what we decide to be. For me, I think that it is true. I believe that what we are today is as a result of what we decide or decide not to do yesterday. Our lives are an aftermath of our decisions. I look back today and I am happy for the decisions I made in the past and above all, that I chose to study drama in High School.

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Sometimes I pause and wonder how I would have ended up if I had followed popular opinion back then in my college. I wonder how my life would have turned if I had decided to be a lawyer like my friend, Ben or if I had decided to join the Army like my father wanted me to. The answer comes to my mind even before I finish thinking; “I would have been a frustrated corporate person with a rope round my neck and files choking me out of breathe.” Not that I saying that these professions are not good – not at all, but what I am just saying is that I was never cutout for that world. For me, Theater is life.

My love for the stage was kindled when I was a little kid. I remember my father taking my out every Friday night to the cinema. I always asked him; “Are we not going to the cinema today?” I always wished everyday was a Friday. It was not a difficult decision therefore for me when the time came for me to choose what to study in the University- Theater all the way!

Learning does not come easy. My first two years in high school is what I call my season of discoveries and initiation. I got initiated into a new world; a world where I discovered the difference between fantasies and realities.  I have always loved drama – Yes! But it was a season I learnt that there was more to drama than cramming your lines and moving around on stage. I was introduced to the depths of Arts of Communication, especially that a statement can be uttered in different ways that will convey different meanings.

It was a time of learning new things that I never thought existed. Those times were the most challenging days in my life. My grades were bad and I was not happy with myself but then I learnt to persevere. I remember my instructor coming and parting me on the back and say; “You can do better next time.”  What I never realized was that I was learning!

Today, I have been in 8 plays at University High school, Rogers and Hammerstein’s “South Pacific” where I acted as a Nurse, in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” where I took the part of the witch, in “Les Miserables” as the jolly/student , also I took the place of Ensamble in “Flower Drum song”. I also featured in “Beauty and the Beast” as Mrs. Potts, “Anything Goes” as Virtue, in “The Rememberer” as the pitch woman, and in William Inges “Bus Stop” as Grace.
I am also the president of my school Drama Club, and that of our chapter of the California State thespian Society. I competed for the first time this year in the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC) competition and placed 5th in region.

 I am proud to say that I meet people today and I raise my head in confidence because I developed that when I was on stage, I can address any group or audience. I am prompt to meeting because I learnt that being a second early or late can make or mar a production.

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