Abuse of authority

6 June 2016

Abuses among individuals with authority cannot certainly be prevented. With such practice, it does not only compromise the rights of the victim but also undermines the overall importance of that particular profession. Moreover, due to abuse of power/authority, victims become susceptible towards various forms of violence and harassment that sometimes can result to prosecution or death. In the end, due to the susceptibility of individuals towards abuse of power, one must constantly be at guard and be knowledgeable of his/her individual rights to protect themselves.

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Looking at my experience, I have seen various incidents that can relate towards abuse of power and authority. The first incident happened between a police officer and a male African American driver. I was in the middle of commuting when I saw a police car apprehending a black sedan. The driver was then asked to get down of the vehicle and asked for his license and information. As I approached towards the scene, I observed that the African American man was becoming uncomfortable with the way the police officer has been treating him.

When I approached and asked the man what happened, he said that he had not known any violations he might have committed. Although this may have been the case, he figured that his tone might have aggravated the issue. Due to this, the police officer who was apparently trying to sort his offence, just got his license and even threatened to arrest him for his conduct. However, he was apologetic for his behavior that the police only settled for his license.

Another incident of abuse of power/authority revolves around the story of my mother and her colleague’s experience. She mentioned that during that time, her officemate was due for promotion but was hindered by one of the committee’s that was handling her case. This was because one of the head or people in-charge of such task, she had continuously turned down offers for a date. Feeling such sentiment, that person vetoed or declined my mother’s colleague to be terminated.

Also, even if she had the sufficient qualifications and an impressive record in her career in the company, it was not the sole determinant made by the committee. To make matters worse, the individual who has continually asked my mother’s colleague was very influential in the company. Instead of my mother’s colleague being promoted, she was passed on and the position was given to someone who was half-deserving as she is. Due to this, my mother’s colleague filed for a complaint that asked for the explanation of the company toward such actions and asked for damages that resulted to her loss of morale to work.

To conclude, everyone is susceptible and vulnerable towards abuses to people in authority. My two experiences showcase how various forms of abuse can be seen. Moreover, it also shows how helpless one person is especially if she does not know what to do. However, one must know and strive for the protection of his/her individual rights. It is only through this that they can better ensure and shield themselves from such occurrence.

On the other hand, for people under authority, each one must practice their profession with responsibility and prevent the corruption of values and ideals. Their individual actions can contribute towards the improvement or degradation of their jobs. In the end, by advocating their professional ideals and ensuring that fair practices be made, only then can the occurrence of abuse be prevented or minimized.

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