Abstract heart disease

6 June 2016

There are those who actually act blind to the substantial threat that heart diseases pose. Some people go about living their lives unafraid and unaware that any day can be their last day.

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Abstract heart disease
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They eat and drink without remorse and without knowing whether or not what they are doing is healthy to their own bodies. In the medical world, they encounter all kinds of heart conditions and all kinds of patients having them. Somehow, the heart disease feels like a constant recurring story played by one character after another. Although society is not fully aware of the basic knowledge and dangers with respect to heart diseases, society must also realize that heart diseases are responsible for the almost fifty percent of the deaths caused in society.

Although society ignores the dangers that heart diseases bring, it does not alleviate the fact that heart diseases account for almost half of all the deaths in society.

A heart disease can be called by many names and terminologies. The processes and implications of a heart disease can be quite complex especially for those who are experiencing it whether as a victim or someone related to the victim. It is therefore the purpose of this discussion to comprehend why the heart disease contributes to almost half the deaths recorded in society. This paper will begin by first explaining the basic understanding of what a heart disease is or how it is generally perceived by individuals. Moreover, this paper will delve into the most common causes that may bring about heart diseases.

Following this, the technology and modern techniques that are used in a laboratory shall also be analyzed. Finally, this paper will be illustrating some of the conventional and known heart surgeries that are in practice today.

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